News and Updates

As of February 3, 2019

1st International Survival Instructors Syposium – 1995 Sweden

A YouTube video with David Wescott and Dale Kiselyk on “Why have the Global Bushcraft Symposium?

An excellent Podcast from Paul Kirtley, with Mors Kochanski and Jon McArthur on the Global Bushcraft Symposium

New Keynote Sponsor

Casstrom Sweden Knife Co.
Karamat Wilderness Ways

New Door/Draw Prize Sponsor:

Tuff Possum Gear
PNW Bushcraft
Bushcraft Danmark
Condor Knives
Maple Made Bucksaws 

New Presenters

Travis Bower
Jesper Hede
Dave Holder
Kevin Kossowan
Dave MacDonald
Patrick McGlinchey
Travis Finlayson
Jonny Crocket
Peter Magnin