Sean McBride

Sean McBride


Sean McBride is an Evolutionary Anthropologist with a special interest in the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and its impact on contemporary human behaviour. He has worked with indigenous people world-wide, including the Aboriginal people of Australia and the Lahu Hill tribes of Thailand.

He is a recognised expert in Aboriginal ethno-ecology and his past interests involved the teaching of Aboriginal skills for 22 years through his own survival school in Australia, and internationally for the general public, outdoor guides, foreign military and Australian Special Forces. He is a former special forces commando and Australian Army officer.

Survival, ethno-ecology and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)

Sean was a guest lecturer at Ray Mears’ Woodlore School in the UK in 1994, the First International Survival Symposium held in the Arctic in 1995, the Ragnarok Primitive Skills Gathering in Sweden in 1997 and was the first Australian to be invited to attend the Swedish Army Officers Survival course. In 2000 he was asked to advise the Royal Australian Air Force Combat Survival Wing on elements of Aboriginal ethno-ecology and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), including the utilisation of bush foods, rainforest survival, and traditional fire-lighting skills
He has acted as an anthropological consultant to Discovery Channel for the Australian Aboriginal component of their documentary on the peopling of the earth. He was also the material culture advisor for this programme and produced a number of artefacts for the show. In 2001 Sean was asked to be the survival consultant for Channel Nine’s Australian Survivor. He was also the Games and Challenges designer for the show and spent 3 months liaising with the local Aboriginal people and overseeing the survival aspects of the TV series.
Sean has appeared on TV programmes such as The Great Outdoors, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, Totally Wild, Saturday Extra, Getaway, Australian Story, A Current Affair and Today Tonight, and has also been interviewed by numerous radio stations. Articles about Sean have also appeared in Australian Penthouse, Ralph Magazine, the Courier Mail, The Age, and The Australian.
He has also contributed a number of articles to local and international magazines on aspects of Aboriginal ethno-ecology and evolutionary anthropology. In 2004 he retired from teaching survival and set up an Australian-based charity to assist the economic development of the Lahu hill-tribe people of Thailand
Based in Brisbane he is presently the Senior State Anthropologist for the Queensland Government. His current interests are related to Antarctic survival and its application to space exploration.