Tracey Klettl & Tim Mearns

Tracey KlettlTim Mearns

Painted Warriors

Painted Warriors is an outdoor education company that was brought together from the combined idea of Metis operator Tracey Klettl and her husband Tim Mearns who is from the Cote First Nations of Saskatchewan.  They operate within the tourism industry and as a training facility for traditional indigenous guides.

With a Mandate to educate and promote outdoor and cultural skills to students as well as visitors, they understand the challenges and barriers that some students may have experienced in a classroom setting.   As team, they have developed a hands on traditionally based learning program.

Tracey Klettl

Tracey Klettl’s roots run deep in the mountains and valleys of Jasper National Park.  Her ancestors were the indigenous guides and scouts that originally inhabited the area, and Tracey was born and raised hiking and horse back riding along these same ancient trails. Tracey combines her experience with a life long pursuit of education and has become a qualified instructor in Hunter Education, Archery, Horseback riding and other guide training programs. She has kept true to the skills that have come naturally to her and utilizes this knowledge in her programs.

Tim Mearns

Tim is an avid hunter and horseman, he learned to ride and handle horses from a young age.  Tim learned his skills from time spent in Morley Alberta with his mentor and teacher “Jordan”; they caught and tamed the feral horses.   Tim is the owner of Painted Warriors and is an instructor for many of the outdoor skills including Hunter education, archery and horseback riding. Tim is from the Cote first Nations from Kamsak Saskatchewan.