Lori Breeuwsma

Lori Breeuwsma

Saskatchewan born but Alberta raised, partly in Edmonton and partly in the country.

I met Randy one summer when I was 16. We both had the outdoors in common and spent almost every weekend camping. Over the years Randy has introduced me to a lot of different activities and experiences. After meeting Mors and going to Northern Lights in Slocan, BC we started tanning hides and it became a business for us for many years. Karamat Wilderness Ways has evolved over the years and outdoor education in the form of courses, books and DVD’s has become the focal point.

I do the administrative work for Karamat. While Randy has spent a lot of time videoing Mors and editing videos to put together most of the DVD’s we have to offer today,  I have spent a lot of time putting the written works together so they could be printed and put into e-book format. I learned to create a website over 20 years ago and that has evolved over the years. I also take care of editing and uploading all the YouTube videos everyone seems to enjoy. I take care of the day to day emails, orders, course registrations, getting people’s questions answered and the list goes on.

I love what I call the needle arts. For most of the skills I am self-taught, books are my teachers. I have also learned a great deal of what I know about the needle arts from other people, especially seniors. They are a font of knowledge and very willing to instruct. I do love the primitive skills and natural crafting. I have learned so much for Mors and all the other instructors I have met along the way. My bucket list is long when it comes to wanting to learn new skills.

I was recently asked what accomplishments I am proud of and I have to say my family, our business and the work we did for the Provincial Museum of Alberta (now known as the Royal Alberta Museum) back in 1996. I have enjoyed meeting the people through our courses, the Rat Root Rendezvous and different gatherings and classes. After 20 years, there have been many.