Global Bushcraft Symposium

An international gathering to promote bushcraft, survival, and traditional skills instruction through the open exchange of philosophies, pedagogical methods and dissemination of best practices within the industry.


By developing connections across generations of instructors and cultures of practice.

Emphasizing the critical importance of teaching accurate, fact based and tested skills in their proper context.

Honoring those who have lived, rediscovered and promoted the traditions before us.

June 10 – 14, 2019 Alberta, Canada

Keynote Speakers


Lisa Fenton
Lisa Fenton

David Holladay
David Holladay

Mors Kochanski
Mors Kochanski

Cody Lundin
Cody Lundin

David Wescott
David Wescott


When not learning in a keynote speech or breakout session from some of the world’s best Bushcraft and Survival Instructors, spend time in one of the learning camps that will be available during the symposium. There will be many opportunities to see a demonstration or do a hands-on skill.

What To Expect

Four days of professional development where each day will include keynote speakers, workshops and panel discussions covering topics on bushcraft & survival in the context of how knowledge can be transferred in a way that honors teacher & traditions.

Interwoven throughout the event will be a rotation of breakout sessions, informal networking amongst outdoor professionals, and time for fellowship and additional learning at one of the many themed camps (see below).

Where and Who:

The Global Bushcraft Symposium will be hosted 1.5 hours north of Calgary, AB, Canada at the Foothills Camp and Retreat Centre. While this facility can accommodate thousands of people, we are limiting the event to several hundred participants, focusing on instructors, industry leaders, and those who publicly disseminate bushcraft/survival knowledge.

We also welcome members of the public that actively engage with traditional wilderness living skills, bushcraft, homesteading and self reliance.  

Registration will open late Summer 2018.

Food and Lodging:

Lodging, full RV hook-ups, or tent camping, all within earshot of a hot shower, good food, and the events.

Before and After the Symposium:

When planning your participation in the Global Bushcraft Symposium don’t forget to experience more of Alberta & Canada. The history of Fur Trade is embedded in the surrounding landscape that hosted explorers and surveyors such as Anthony Henday, David Thompson, and the First Nations whom you will be sharing during your visit. And just two hours from the camp is access to iconic landscapes of Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks. So come early, or stay late, enjoy the history, the landscape and bask in the 19+ hours of sunlight everyday.

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