Sponsorship Information

Here is our Fee Schedule for Keynote, Vendor Space, and Themed Camps

The primary focus of the Global Bushcraft Symposium is education.  Nonetheless putting together a conclave of those interested in promoting the sharing of knowledge costs money.  Therefore we are accepting sponsorship for various aspects of the event including Keynote Addresses, Vendor Space, and Themed Camps.

What follows is a brief overview to get you started. All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

Keynote Sponsorship: $1,500

-business profile in introduction time
-1 free event registration ($400 value)
-Vendor Space ($200 – $500 value)
-Sponsorship recognition on website and in event guide

Vendor Space (15′ x15′): based on number of people in your employ.

-1 – 5 = $200
-6 – 20 = $350
-21+ = $500
-* registration fee discount (TBD)

Theme Camps: no fee, however…
-Must provide educational program(s) relevant to the camp theme
-Provide consumables for camp if needed
-Company banners may be displayed

In Kind Donations Welcomed for Theme Camps and More:

-Raffle Items
-Product Testing (raffle at end)
-Free Banner Placement & More

For more information please view The GBS Presenter Information Package.

If you need more information about sponsorship please contact us through  Sponsorship Inquiries.