Elton Hunter

Elton Hunter

My passion for sharing bush craft has rewarded me with a life long passion for teaching Hunters ed, Paddling, Fishing , hunting and bush craft. I’ve been a life long conservationist and its been my privilege to be able to share it with our youth and other passionate activists.

I have spent fifty consecutive years in Scouting and exploring the outdoors as a Canadian hunter and trapper.

Working with the Alberta fish and game youth camp at Narrow lake has been the greatest experience of my life. Being able to Volunteer at the Long lake junior forest wardens camp has been both rewarding and an incredible time spent with like minded individuals who share my love of the outdoors.

40 years of being a power linesman  has keep me keen to enjoy the wild Canada most of us never get to see.

Bush craft skills have crossed over in to my career and helped me be a safer and more proficient Lineman. I have the outmost respect for what mother nature is capable of.

Its been an honour to be invited to share my experience, knowledge and stories from my time spent exploring this magnificent country we are so lucky to call home. I have made it my playground, and I intend to pass what knowledge I can to other enthusiastic outdoorsman for years to come.